practicing gratitude

Miss the Eldest got a lovely treat yesterday – Daddy showed up at school midday to play hookie, so they skipped out to go to the movies and lunch at McDonalds. I worked late, and we ate out. And all she did was complain. Whine, complain. I’m hungry, I want a booster seat now, I wanted that cup, I don’t want to share my fries. Whine whine whine. It was a long evening. Which erupted in everyone losing their cool.

Eventually we had a conversation about why I was so angry. That we work very hard to allow her to have nice things and get to do fun things and how lucky she is. I am trying to teach her to be thankful, to practice gratitude.

The thing is that I can barely do it myself. I’m often dissatisfied with something. And let it eat away at me.

I am working on it myself. Practising gratitude. Being thankful. Allowing myself to acknowledge my own privilege, gifts, and be grateful for those thing.

I’m working on it.


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