Ways to waste a Friday

A little round-up of good reads, watches, and listens from my week:

If you have yet to watch Monica Lewinsky’s TED Talk, please leave this post now and hop to it. This post will be waiting, and it’s totally worth opening another tab. Go. I’ll wait. I promise.


Next! Feminist Beer. No joke.

Read about how Brazilian beer marketers are trying to make beer more feminist-friendly


And then, if you’re local to me here in Ottawa, hop over to Bicycle Craft Brewery, who already did the whole feminist beer thing with Freedom Machine, which was not only inspired by the name the suffragettes called the bicycle, but released to celebrate International Women’s Day this year. Bonus – delicious.

Need something to listen to while you finish a report/kill the last few hours of the day? Check out Bitch Magazine’s review of their favourite women-fronted bands of SXSW.

Finally, have a read about how social media is changing feminism.  How many hashtags have you used online?


Happy watching, reading, and listening, peeps. Happy weekend all around.


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