wrapping up the weekend

It’s a Monday, but it’s still the weekend for me. I’ve been fortunate enough to have a full four days off to watch my children try to battle each other to the death, amped up on little sleep and lots of chocolatey sugar.

I find it pretty amazing to watch them fly from being the best of friends to the worst of enemies. They are the perfect depiction of sisters – fierce love, huge jealousy, big feelings all around. I didn’t have actual siblings until I was an adult and gained them in the form of “in law” and “step,” so watching these two duke it out is still sometimes really shocking and really surprising. They’ve pushed a lot of buttons this weekend, and I think everyone will be happy to have a bit of a break from each other as we head off to our respective day gigs tomorrow – be it work, school, or daycare. Still, very fortunate for four days in a row together.


No matter whether you’re wrapping up a weekend like me, or winding down after a Monday back at work, I thought I’d share some internet consumables with you.

First is an NPR recording of Death Cab for Cutie – a band I have listened to for well over a decade and still love. A really gentle listen for a Monday night:

Next – some really great comments on this weeks’ Ellen Pao decision:

Subtle sexism results in women getting fewer opportunities at work. It hurts their performance. It results in them receiving worse evaluations. It even opens them up to “aggression” in the workplace. Ultimately, the Harvard authors conclude, it leads to women being “perceived as interchangeable objects, [who] lack basic humanness, and underperform.” The literature does not need Ellen Pao to prove it in a court of law.


Finally, feel less guilty going to work tomorrow morning after reading about how quality of time spent with your kids trumps the quantity of time you spend with your kids, as per a newly published article in the April edition of the Journal of Marriage and Family. Bonus? One of the co-authors is from U of T – a nice little Canadian connection there.

As for me? Well, the third season of the Mindy Project is now on Netflix and my dude is out for the evening. I’ll be on the couch.


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