it’s monday – let’s talk pay equity and the good old cbc.

It’s Monday. It’s a tired, rainy Monday here, and I’m feeling it. Sick kids over the weekend, an exam, and far too much time inside on a computer all weekend has me a little too exhausted even for a Monday.

But – today means something – it’s #EqualPayDay here in Ontario. Here I am, dressed in red, and damn grouchy about it.

I can’t imagine our mothers imagined that we would still be fighting for equal pay, and I hope to high hell that my daughters don’t enter the workforce facing the same fight, but at the rate we are going it could take until 2125 to close the gap. So what these estimates are telling me is that my daughters’ daughters’ daughters’ daughters’ daughters’ might see equal pay then? No thanks. Not good enough.

Equal Pay Day is essentially a representation of how far into the next year that a woman has to work in order to make the same that a man did the year before. That means that the date can move every year. In 2013, it was recognized on April 9th. It’s currently April 20th. The pay gap is widening.

The scarier thing is that the gap is so. much. wider for women who live with disabilities, women who identify as women of colour, immigrant women, and aboriginal women. These women have median incomes between 17 and 19% less than other women. Less!

With the federal budget announcement pending tomorrow, and a federal election to follow not too long after, this is an important issue for women to think about, and, you know, maybe a reason why there should be a women’s federal debate?


Also, Kristen Schaal speaks the truth.

The happier side of today’s Monday experience has been tuning into the new q. lowercase now, please note. only lowercase. the CBC said so. or is it now the cbc? i’m confused.


Anyway. Bahamas was a good draw for me to tune into the first Shad-hosted show today, but Shad was pretty endearing today for his first go-around. Funny, fresh, seemed pretty at ease under all the pressure. Check out the first show here.

And please, have a good Monday.

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