I love a good laugh.

I fully admit and accept that folks aren’t perfect (especially comedians) but man, sometimes people do awesome things. Sometimes people tell jokes in a public sphere that makes people laugh and hopefully makes them think twice about the issue at hand.

Wouldn’t it be nice if these jokes had impact?

I like to think they do, and I appreciate women placed in positions of power who choose to say them.

Like acknowledging that Hilary Clinton is already being (has always been?) attacked not based on policy but rather on how “old and angry” she looks.


Or, acknowledging that rape culture is a thing, not just a hashtag (even if it’s lambasting the great FNL).

Or, acknowledging that the pay gap is an issue everywhere.

Or, acknowledging that part of raising strong women these days is teaching them how to stand up for their rights, because nothing will be handed to them.


Or, acknowledging that lawmakers are negligent in acknowledging and respecting women’s bodily autonomy.

So, while people have flaws, sometimes flawed people say funny things, and hopefully a little acknowledgment comes with that laugh.


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