So about January

January in my work world is beyond chaotic. I am exceeding my maximum levels of stress, and it is both apparent and frustrating. I am really struggling these days. Adding in a foot injury means I am inactive and in pain and frustrated and exhausted. I am not at my worst, but I am not at my best. I don’t like being this person – I don’t like when I am negative and self-loathing and short of patience. I really do not like that version of me. So like any good Canadian woman, I apologized for it to my partner. His response?


Now, I recognize that I do not need his permission to be cranky, to be having a hard time, to be emotional. I know that. But his response gave me a rush of gratitude for having a partner who is patient, who understands me, and who, even when I tell him not to, stands with me.

So, as a self-care strategy over the last couple of days, I’ve been trying to remember the little things that give me a rush of gratitude.

Here are a few more:

There are so many more. I woke up this morning. My kids are healthy. I have a roof over my head and less-expensive-than-anticipated winter snow tires on our car. So many more.

But sometimes, the little things win the day.


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