They said it better.

Some good reads for y’all:

A couple pieces about how Facebook’s “Motherhood Challenge” made me feel all weird inside, despite the beautiful photos of strong women and their children: Facebook’s motherhood challenge makes me want to punch my computer screen & Facebook’s “Motherhood Challenge” feels like it’s there to pit women against each other

On learning about the hijab: Wearing Hijab: On Truth, Fear, and Empowerment

On why I feel weird to tell people that I’ve been married for nearly 10 years (it’s super weird being congratulated): Getting Married is not an Accomplishment.

On making peace with the camera: So you’re feeling too fat to be photographed…

On Brooklyn, and Anne T Donahue affirming that it was just fine to ugly cry as much as I did alone in the theatre: That’s What She Said: Words and Work by Anne T. Donahue

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CanLit Valentines because yes.

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