Sorry for shouting folks, but did YOU know that I am now on trend??

Yes, it’s true.

Apparently after years (decades) of being told that boys don’t make passes at girls who wear glassesglasses are ON TREND.

Yep, the highlight of the awards season was women wearing fashionable frames and seeing properly without having to poke themselves in the eye! Not one single person said something sexist, rude, or stupid about women wearing glasses!



Wait, what?

You say that most of the comments were about whether or not it was cool for Kate Winslet to wear glasses with her ballgown? That they were about the fact that they might make her look old? That they were (gasp!) CROOKED?

Holy hell, I will never understand the polarizing effects of seeing glasses on women’s faces.

You see, I do it every day. Put on my glasses. So I can see and avoid debilitating headaches. I don’t think about it, I just do it.

I end up thinking about that simple daily act only when the media goes all wild about a woman in glasses. Someone who chose to put something on her face in order to be able to see. God forbid that we, as women, choose to do something for the betterment of our life experience over how we might appeal to the male gaze.

This fall, Elle shared an article titled The Quiet Feminist Act of Wearing Glasses.

It’s also a sort of quiet and daily feminist act, a way to resist a culture that tells me that being bespectacled robs me of my beauty.

It’s interesting to me to think of wearing glasses as a feminist act. I really like my glasses. I own several pairs. I do it because they are functional (as in, help me see) and fashionable (as in, I coordinate frames with outfits), and in reflecting on glasses-wearing as a feminist act, I can see how it fits.

Wearing glasses may allow women to avoid being schmucked by a car, help them read labels, function more effectively in their jobs. Might provide the opportunity to learn more, observe more, maybe get a raise (ha!)? Wearing glasses can also be fashion statement, a way of expressing oneself. A challenge to the idea that femme ≠ feminist.

So, fellow four-eyed gals, let’s celebrate! Don’t cave to the pressure to put in contacts if you don’t want to. Find a pair of frames you love and rock them.

It’s a feminist thing to do, apparently.




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