Good Things This Week

As we lead into International Women’s Day next week, there is lots of goodness on the internet for feminists – here are a few good things you may want to check out yourself!

As I look forward to picking up my growler of Freedom Machine, a craft beer by Bicycle Craft Brewery inspired by the name the suffragettes called the bicycle, this weekend, I will re-read this great piece on the connection of the bicycle to the movement for gender equality.


As critical as I can be of the dominance of the Lean In philosophy, this is a great discussion of impostor syndrome (that shit is real, people). 

Eleven Canadian women talk about gender inequality and sexism. Yes.

Now that it’s available on iTunes and GooglePlay, I can finally check out She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry. I’m only about 20 minutes in on my lunch break, and so far, it’s awesome. A wonderful reminder for women to continue to share their stories so that we’re not just feeling like we’re failing, instead we know that society may be failing us.

Also, check out my YouTube playlist below – I have been collecting videos to share via social media for International Women’s Day for ages – I’ve now just put them all in place here- you may find some familiar faces, as it includes videos from IWD Ottawa over the last several years, and my TEDx Talk from 2015.




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