this is thirty-three.


Thirty-three doesn’t wear makeup if she doesn’t feel like it (even on her birthday), doesn’t always remember how old she is, expresses her feelings with relative confidence, and knows her self-worth. She is really damn good at her job. She is still wonderfully in love with her partner, and loves how they have grown together over the last decade or more.

Thirty-three sometimes suffers from imposter syndrome, isn’t too in love with her body’s shape, and still doesn’t wear heels. She sometimes shouts at her kids, but still hugs them extra tight at night. Thirty-three is hoping to run a half marathon while thirty-three, but it may have to be thirty-four. She wears a watch now because watches are practical.

Thirty-three is well loved, has few regrets, and isn’t done figuring out who she is quite yet.

Thirty-three also orders tequila at dinner because, well, thirty-three.


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