very cool women.

Some women you know – some you don’t – all doing very cool things.

I love International Women’s Day. It is always my second Christmas. For years I have celebrated with a group of women where our coming together really feeds my soul. Bright, brilliant, funny, honest, vulnerable women. We have seen each other grow both personally and professionally for years. We’ve grieved the loss of a member of our circle. But we always celebrate and shine the spotlight on each other throughout the years. This year the love will be sent in a socially distant way, but will be just as strong as ever.

Shine Theory is a practice of mutual investment in each other.
It’s a practice of cultivating a spirit of genuine happiness and excitement when your friends are doing well, and being there for them when they aren’t. – AMINATOU SOW & ANN FRIEDMAN

For International Women’s Day 2021, I crowdsourced names of women and folks either from Canadian history or current pandemic chaos, doing cool stuff. I then did what I have been doing all pandemic long – got crafty. I made some colouring pages to celebrate these sometimes unsung wonder women. There is nothing better, to me, as practicing Shine Theory – coined by Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow – a commitment to lifting each other up, celebrating each other’s accomplishments, and shining together. Talking about the accomplishments of friends and strangers as wonderful, magical and important feels good. It is important to help those doing invisible work be seen and celebrated.

Real people – feminist colouring pages. Just for you.

I was excited to learn more about these folks, and think you might too. Toss in a little self-care element, and you can print and colour to your hearts content.

Please know that these images are free for personal use, but should you be inclined, support for organizations and collectives doing good work for women and gender diverse folks is always needed. Links can be found below. Can’t donate cash? Follow their work. Amplify. Show up to help.
Justice for Abdirahman
Shawna’s Outreach
Minwaashin Lodge
Outside the Shadows
Planned Parenthood Ottawa
Families of Sisters in Spirit
CHEO Foundation
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives’ Kate McInturff Fellowship in Gender Justice

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